KITCHEN FAUCET AERATOR - Check your faucet’s flow rate. Add faucet aerator to non-conserving flow rate higher than 2.2 gallons per minute for bathroom and kitchen faucets.

LEAKS - Prevent money down the drain: fix leaky faucets.

New DISHWASHERS SAVE WATER AND ENERGY - Use dishwasher instead of hand washing. As of 2009, an Energy Star water efficient dishwasher is required to use 5.8 gallons or less per load. 1992 or older dishwashers use approx. 8 gallons more per load.

FULL LOADS SAVE - Run only full dishwasher loads- save water and energy.

SCRAPE DON'T RINSE - You don’t need to rinse dishes, just scrape off food.

REDUCE RUNNING WATER USE - Wash vegetables in a container of water, not under running water.

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